Be Connected

Our communities are designed to help you focus your time and energy on what's really important to you. For many, people are the most important thing. You'll find it's easy to maintain and strengthen existing relationships with family and friends, while fostering new connections.

The wealth of available experiences and resources also encourages goal setting. Goals give something to work toward and the motivation to achieve something that's meaningful to you. We think you'll agree it brings a sense of joy and fulfillment in a way few other things can do.


Be Inspired

People make a place. Being surrounded by other adults looking to continuously improve themselves creates an inspiring living environment. You'll find you have friends who encourage you to learn a new language or try yoga for the first time. Residents are constantly discovering new passions and exploring new ways to feel fulfilled on a daily basis.

Live Your Vitality

  • Renew your spirit through formal services, meditation, and connecting to nature
  • Learn and grow with classes, clubs, and social offerings
  • Share your passion by teaching a class or sharing experiences
  • Serve your community via volunteer opportunities
  • Stay connected to family, friends, and your community

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Vital Connections Research

Senior Living and Loving in Victoria, Texas

It’s never too late to begin a new chapter of life. If you’re weighing the benefits of Victoria senior living communities for yourself or a parent, know that the move to senior living isn’t the end of a story. It’s the beginning of something new. Many older adults find new purpose and meaning in their golden years. Consider the recent viral story of a retired teacher who makes cards for soldiers at her Idaho retirement community. Or the many seniors who find love for the first—or second or third—time at a senior living facility.

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Vital Connections Research

Senior vs. Older Adult: Decoding the Terminology of Senior Living

When it comes to aging, language matters. The words we use to describe and label older members of society reflect our vision of their capabilities as well as their contributions. The descriptors with which we identify our parents and grandparents says a lot not only about them, but about us too.

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Action Vital Connections

The "Senior Homes" Conversation: Why All the Guilt?

Moving your parent into a senior home or community is not an easy thing to do. However, there is a reason why you are considering it, and it’s important to remember that you are not a bad person for doing so.

Being a caregiver requires a lot of time and attention that you simply may not be capable of if it’s not your full-time job. There are facilities geared specifically toward making this transition in your parent’s life an easy and more enjoyable one.

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