Vivid Life

With a focus on engagement and an active social calendar, Vitality Living cultivates a vibrant body, vibrant brain, and vibrant connection; these three vital components come together to create a Vivid Life.

The Vivid Life Program


A vibrant body improves the ability to do things, reduces the impact of illness and chronic diseases, enhances mobility, flexibility, and balance. A vibrant body embraced and immersed in bettering itself allows for improved sleep, increased energy levels, and reduced feelings of depression or stress while improving overall mood. A vibrant body empowers feelings of control. 

Activities for a vibrant body are walking, fitness classes, or gardening.


A vibrant brain increases feelings of happiness and health associated with cognitive engagement and may improve cognitive reserve. A vibrant and active brain increases mental adaptability. With the sense of awareness comes an empowering sensation. 

Activities for a vibrant brain are creative arts, meditation, or visiting lecture series.


A vibrant body and brain are only as strong as its surrounding environment. Social relationships reduce isolation and correlate to overall wellbeing. Without a vital connection, loneliness and isolation may increase health risks. Meaningful engagement with others is correlated with longevity and boosting mood. 

Activities for a vibrant connection are resident-led clubs or new resident welcome parties.

Real Residents Of Vitality Living

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