Maybelle Carter Living Welcomes Two Younger Residents from Foster Care

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Nashville, TN: Maybelle Carter, a retirement community in Madison, is the first Nashville area community to participate in The Victory Lap, a program that brings generations together by housing older foster youth in retirement communities. Victor Malone, 19, and Jeffrey Tortorello, 18, will live and work at Maybelle Carter and continue to participate in Omni Visions’ Independent Living Program, which supports young people aged 18-21 who have aged out of foster care. 

Victor and Jeffrey moved into their new home December 17, 2019, just in time for the holidays.

“I’m most excited about connecting with people and helping where I can,” said Jeffrey. Added Chris Guay, CEO, Vitality Living, “this is a really great opportunity for the young men to gain independence, but also give back to their community. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with Omni Visions and The Victory Lap to provide Victor and Jeffrey a home, a career, and 100 plus new grandparents at Maybelle Carter.”

Maybelle Carter and Omni Visions are committed to The Victory Lap model and hope to include more youth in the future. Victor and Jeffrey will work in the dining room at the community while continuing their educations.

Maybelle Carter will host a celebration honoring the young men on February 3 at 1:30 p.m. at 208 W Due West Ave. Residents will be penning words of wisdom and encouragement on paper leaves for a “tree of friendship” in the boys’ new apartment.

About The Victory Lap

“The Victory Lap brings retirement communities and child welfare agencies together to improve outcomes for foster youth as they transition to adulthood. Currently, most kids who age out of foster care end up under-educated and under-employed, and many experience homelessness. The Victory Lap leverages the kindness of seniors and the opportunities found in retirement communities to create brighter futures for these vulnerable young people.” – Rosemary Ramsey, Founder, The Victory Lap

For more information in The Victory Lap, visit

About Maybelle Carter Living

Well-established in Madison, Maybelle Carter, a Vitality Living community, has been a trusted provider of senior living for over 40 years. Maybelle Carter specializes in independent living, assisted living, and memory care that allow adults to be themselves and to experience a profound sense of belonging at any age.

For more information on Maybelle Carter:

About Omni Visions

Founded in 1991, Omni Visions is a leading provider of therapeutic foster care services in Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina. In addition to providing medically fragile foster care, adoption, family preservation and reunification services, Omni Visions strives to help youth who have aged out of foster care find long-term sustainability. Through our Extension of Foster Care Program, youth aged 18-21 have access to supplemental education, vocational, and life skills training opportunities as well as access to safe and consistent housing.

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The Victory Lap Media Contact:
Rosemary Ramsey
Founder, The Victory Lap

Maybelle Carter Media Contact:
Julie Podewitz
Chief Sales Officer, Vitality Living

Omni Visions Media Contact:
Jennifer Wigal
Director, Marketing & Communications

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