Touring Your Way in Senior Living Today

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Because of the pandemic, it is very important for our older loved ones to stay at home and keep safe. But when the time comes for them to choose a senior living community, how will they be able to choose if they aren’t allowed to visit and take a look at their future home? Luckily, you can easily take a tour of any Vitality Living community you wish without having to leave the safety of your home.

Choosing the right senior living community


Different ways to tour


Because more and more senior living communities see the power of the Internet, along with the competition for new residents, they have invested in various equipment, methods, and experience to create their own virtual tours, both recorded and live. So if you can’t visit the actual location, here are a few options for touring a senior living community you’re interested in:

Recorded video tours
The best way to explore a senior living community isn’t done through static photos but rather using vibrant pre-recorded videos that show just how lively the community is. A video offers an interactive way to give a tour to future residents, while it also gives you a sense of being right there in the moment. Video tours also have an honesty to them because they take you through the community, allowing you to see everything just as it is. 

Slideshow tours
One of the simpler ways of presenting a community’s highlights is through a slideshow tour. Communities can build slide shows for their website that show the viewers many pictures that highlight some of the community’s best amenities, programs, various activities, and information on their staff. Furthermore, many slide shows contain extra information that can give you a brief breakdown of the community you’re considering. 

360-degree tours
These kinds of recorded video tours allow you to inspect the surroundings carefully, providing you with a truly immersive way to tour a senior living community with the control of your movements within your fingertips. Taking a 360-degree virtual tour will allow you to check rooms, explore whole apartments, take a look at common spaces, and see everything as if you were there in person. In a nutshell, these are a more comprehensive way to tour a community compared to a live video tour.

Personalized Zoom and Facetime tours
If you want a bit more of a personal touch and to have someone answer your questions during the tour, a personalized Zoom or Facetime tour is a great way to do that. Through a tablet or smartphone on both ends, you will be taken on a virtual tour of the community, its amenities, and even the residents and staff.

No one wants to go out and waste time, money, and effort to do something that can be done from the comfort and safety of our home, so why should it be any different for touring your options in senior living communities? With just a few clicks of a button, you can get in and out of communities that you wish to inspect. So what are you waiting for? Get started with a tour today, starting with visiting Vitality Living’s website to learn more about their locations, living options, and more. And be sure to download the informative Vitality Living guide Choosing The Right Senior Living Community.