Why Getting Social Helps You REALLY Get to Know Senior Living

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While many older adults avoid social media and technology, there is no reason why you must do this too. With so many different senior living options and communities to choose from, it would be wise to follow your possible future senior living community on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If you’re wondering how this can benefit you, we’ve gathered everything you need to know here so that you can put the internet to good use.

Choosing the right senior living community

How social media helps you choose a senior living community 


Social media doesn’t just promote hip and happening events, people, and business anymore. Today, websites like Facebook can showcase plenty of businesses, including senior living communities and what they offer. And with over 2 billion users on this platform alone, you have a great chance of finding the right community for yourself or your loved ones. Here’s how you can get started with your search: 

  • Looking up your favorite senior living community gets much easier if you can find them on Facebook. Not only will you see what their staff and residents are up to, but you’re also kept up to date on their latest events, activities, and additions to the family. In contrast, if you see that the community you’re looking to reside in isn’t very active in their social media, this could be a red flag. 
  • By going through their social media pages, you can get to know your loved ones’ future friends and caregivers. Social media does a great job of introducing people and groups through videos where you can see recordings or even live events. This helps you and your loved ones get to know the people that they will soon live and grow with. 
  • Through chatting apps like Messenger, social media allows us to interact directly with staff from the senior living community you are considering. This gives you the chance to ask your questions, voice any concerns, or just leave a message. 
  • Even if you don’t wish to message or make contact with your prospective senior living community, you can simply “like” and “follow” their page to see what they have to offer. Often, pages will have essential details already posted such as opening hours, their mission and vision statements, and other interesting bits of information. 
  • Social media also gives you a sneak peek into the various amenities, services, programs, activities, and events that a senior living community offers, without having to go to the location yourself. You might also be able to subscribe to newsletters, channels, and other avenues that can keep you updated. 

Even if we think that technology, apps, and social media are only meant for “young people,” it’s still important for our older loved ones to keep up with the latest news on their potential new home. After all, most of us are quite busy these days, and we won’t all have the time to go and visit a particular location any time we want. So to get the latest news on various senior living communities and the benefits they can provide, look no further than your own desktop or smartphone. If you’re searching for a prospective senior living community, visit Vitality Living’s website to learn more about their locations, living options, and more. And be sure to download the informative Vitality Living guide Choosing The Right Senior Living Community.