Questions to Help You Compare Senior Living Communities

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It can be hard for many families to know where to start when considering options for senior living communities, even when it is absolutely necessary to do so. And while we want to keep delaying the inevitable, it’s best to get a head start and start asking different communities as soon as possible to find whichever is most suitable for our loved one. Here are some questions to ask to better help you compare senior living communities:  

Choosing the right senior living community


“What kind of events and activities do you offer?”

Make sure that the community you’re looking into has plenty of activities to keep your loved one healthy and entertained. It’s not enough to have a lot of activities available though; the community needs to have things that your loved one personally enjoys doing. Remember, comfort, luxury, and excellent care will become unsatisfying if it’s also accompanied by loneliness and boredom.

“What services are included in my monthly fee?” 

It’s best to ask about the services and costs that are covered in your monthly fee. While cable, Internet, and utilities may be included in your monthly fee, you need to ask if there are any additional services that you may need to pay for. And while some communities have comprehensive bundles for amenities and services, others work at a per-service rate. So don’t assume that all communities work in the same way if you don’t want to be surprised with additional costs.

“Do you offer transportation or other alternatives?”

Even if your loved one is independent and still able to drive, it’s best to ask about the transportation services that the community offers. There are communities that provide van services for trips to the bank, doctor, grocery store, and other places. You can also ask about other options, such as coordination services or transportation vouchers.

“What is your emergency hospital?”

Communities in larger cities may have a specific emergency hospital. Others may have several area hospitals with emergency rooms. It’s important to know where an ambulance will automatically take your loved one in case of emergency, as well as whether their preferred doctor and/or insurance carrier has access there. 

“Do you provide health services on-site?”

Another important question to ask is if their community has any clinicians that visit on a regular basis or have an office in the senior living community. Many places provide ophthalmologists, doctors, dentists, and podiatrists that visit the community on a regular basis. If there are no doctors available, it’s important to ensure that transportation is always available to take your loved ones to their practitioners for access to quality health care.

“What kind of experience and training does the staff have?”

Every member of their staff needs to have basic training in caring for seniors. Training is highly important, especially because a senior’s care needs can be very specific. Make sure that the staff specializes in your loved one’s conditions, such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, cognitive impairment, depression, and other mental-health-related issues. It’s also helpful to ask about the staff-to-patient ratio so you can rest easy knowing that there is always someone to take care of your senior family members.

Finding the perfect senior living community for your loved one isn’t going to happen overnight. However, when you compare your senior living options, you can increase your chances of finding something that’s just right by asking the right questions. Get started with the best choice today and head over to our website at Vitality Senior Living. And be sure to download the informative Vitality Living guide Choosing The Right Senior Living Community.