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Knowing what steps to take starts with understanding the senior living options best-suited to your loved one.

Our comprehensive list of resources will help you navigate the ins and outs of senior living, no matter where your loved one is in their journey. Inspire them to live an empowered life, offer guidance when you think it’s time for them to make the move, and help them understand the financial options and implications. With you as their steadfast support, they’ll be able to live their golden years with vitality and independence.

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Coffee vs. Tea: Why Heart Health Should Factor Into This Question

Most Americans kickstart their day with a burst of energy from a good strong cup of coffee. And afternoon tea is a classic pick-me-up as energy fades later in the day. There are so many conflicting reports about the risks and benefits of caffeine that it can be confusing to understand the impact of caffeine on memory, digestion, and health.

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Rediscovering Purpose: How Senior Living Makes Life Better

For many older Americans, a senior housing community is more than just a place to live: It’s a place to be alive. For older adults living on their own, a time often comes when they feel they are simply “treading water.” Life may have occasional social engagements, a certain daily rhythm, but it can often lack direction. This is when individuals often seek or wish for a different mode of living that gives life a greater sense of meaning again.

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What Does It Mean to Age Successfully?

Seventy percent of Americans over 30 think the country is “a little or not at all prepared” to address the health and social needs of older adults, according to a study by West Health Institute. And just 10 percent of professionals who work with older Americans feel seniors are “very prepared” to age well, according to the National Institute of Senior Centers.

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Senior Resources for Staying Active, Healthy, and Happy

Parents await patiently for a baby’s first step and teenage boys brim with excitement and pride at the first signs of facial hair. In fact, there are many physical changes that we experience throughout our life. As we age, however, the changes are not always as welcome.

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Not sure where you are on your journey?

Everyone’s journey is different. We’ve partnered with Roobrik to offer online decision tools that help you understand care needs, learn more about options, and get ready to take the next step.


Are these memory issues serious?

Learn whether the changes you’re noticing are signs of dementia or part of normal aging, and find out what you can do next.

Time: 3-5 minutes



Is it still safe to drive?

See how risky driving is for you or your family member, plus find out what you can do now and in the future.

Time: 3-5 minutes



Is it time to get help?

Learn what level of care you or your family member needs and find the best fit.

Time: 4-6 minutes


Ready to Plan Your Move?

Just like moving out of Mom and Dad’s house for the first time or across the country for a new job, moving for a new lifestyle can feel as though it comes with a lot of unknowns. Take the stress out of the next step with resources that eliminate guesswork.

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