Why Amenities Matter in Senior Living

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When considering a senior living community for our loved ones, we usually go through amenities first and consider them as the most important part of our search. And while fancy amenities certainly bring a “wow factor” and encourage us to choose that particular community, amenities are more important than that. Here, we breakdown why amenities matter in senior living, as well as the unique benefits they provide to enhance the quality of life for our loved ones once they make the move.

Choosing the right senior living community


How do amenities benefit seniors?

Senior living amenities have much more to offer than fancy facilities. We also need to take into account the purposes that they serve and how they can enhance the quality of life for our elderly family members. Many amenities inside a senior living community will reflect aspects of our well-being such as emotional wellness, physical health, social life, creativity, and intellect.  Some of the top amenities to provide these benefits in senior living communities are:

Multiple dining experiences

A senior living community that has multiple dining venues will allow for more choices to meet the preferences of our loved ones. While a main dining room may satisfy most residents during mealtimes, it’s also great to take a pick from various options such as a private dining room for special occasions, in-room dining, or a grab-and-go café. It will also provide busy seniors the chance to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee whenever they please. 

A place for pampering  

Never underestimate the importance of having a beauty salon and barbershop inside the community. Our loved ones will surely appreciate having the option to simply walk to their hairdressers or have their nails done rather than having to drive someplace farther away. With such amenities catering to the residents of the community, they’ll always get the pampering they need.

For health and wellness 

One of the most important things our older loved ones need is physical exercise, and fortunately, most, if not all senior living communities offer some kind of wellness or health opportunity to stay fit. Swimming pools, fitness centers, personal trainers, and group exercise classes are just some of the best amenities for seniors to take advantage of. Some communities have even gone the extra mile and provided zen gardens and walking trails for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Entertainment and creative spaces

For older adults, retirement can be an exciting opportunity to take up hobbies or learn a new skill. Some of the best senior living communities offer opportunities for craftsmanship, artistic recreation, and other passions. Some senior living communities even offer game rooms, movie theaters, and programs where professionals are brought in to host a comedy night, host cooking classes, and more. Such activities allow our loved ones to explore their hidden talents or go back to activities they used to love in their younger years.

Senior living amenities mean so much more than just making a community look good, they also serve different purposes to enhance our loved one’s overall health and wellbeing. So instead of choosing the flashiest amenities when looking for a senior living community, choose one that offers the best selection that will suit your older family member’s lifestyle. For a wide choice of amenities and great activities, head over to our website at Vitality Senior Living today. And be sure to download the informative Vitality Living guide Choosing The Right Senior Living Community.