The Benefits of Assisted Living Are Much More than Assistance with Living

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There are many misconceptions, myths, and beliefs about senior living communities that aren’t necessarily correct. While we all know that assisted living is a great solution for older family members who need further care, some believe that this is the only purpose it serves. As such, many seniors get the wrong impression about assisted living, they think that they’ll lose independence when in reality, they’ll be able to take charge of their lives. Here are just a few assisted living benefits: 

Choosing the right senior living community


1. Wellness programs

Assisted living communities believe that their residents should feel and look good, which is why many offer wellness programs and fitness activities. They generally include activities such as aerobics, strength training, walking clubs, and yoga. Other communities may also offer fitness centers equipped with recumbent bikes and treadmills, while indoor pools at some communities are also popular options for health and wellness sessions. 

2. Expanding social networks 

Another benefit to assisted living communities is that they provide residents with the opportunity to socialize through both structured and freeform activities. The seniors are also given several social, creative, and spiritual activities they can participate in. Some activities range from book clubs to craft clubs, and even computer classes, allowing for a diverse range of social networks to be formed.

3. Freedom from home maintenance

As our loved ones grow older, we may notice that they can no longer keep up with all the household chores they used to do, and as a result, it may become frustrating to them. And due to their advancing age, some chores may even become dangerous for them to do. At the same time, having to do such tasks may limit their time for things that they can enjoy doing, like pursuing their hobbies or traveling.

4. Delicious meals everyday 

Older adults living alone may no longer be able to cook meals, and as a result, they resort to eating fast food or frozen dinners, which are often high in sodium and saturated fats. By moving our loved ones to an assisted living community, we not only provide them with access to delicious and nutritious meals and snacks every day, but they will also be provided with a variety of dining options. Many communities offer dining options from formal dining rooms to casual bistros, which the residents are sure to enjoy.

5. Transportation services 

A popular and necessary service that many residents appreciate about assisted living communities is transportation. This is a particularly convenient service, especially for older adults who are no longer driving. And for those who need to do local errands, attend an appointment, or just do some shopping, a transportation team is a huge benefit.

Through the important points above, we can conclude that assisted living provides much more than assistance. Through the various services that assisted living communities offer, our loved ones can live a happier and more fulfilled life. Provide your elderly family members with the greatest years of their life by heading over to our website at Vitality Senior Living.  And be sure to download the informative Vitality Living guide Choosing The Right Senior Living Community.