Technology to Help Older Adults Stay Engaged & Independent

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Technology to Help Older Adults Stay Engaged & Independent

As the number of older adults in this country continues to soar, so too do the technology products designed to support their independence. From pill containers that send you a text alert at dosage time to progressive transportation solutions, we’ll talk about a few you might want to explore.

Technology to Keep Seniors Connected

One challenge families face is how to stay connected and engaged in one another’s lives. As adult children move to new cities for careers, the generations are becoming more and more geographically disbursed.

While video chat services like Skype can help, there are much more robust technologies you might want to consider:

  • Cubigo: This platform brings a senior’s information and apps together in one place. They can manage medical information or message an adult child in another city using Cubigo. Another nice feature is that an adult child can access a parent’s Care Notebook to review notes and send messages to their health care providers.
  • Breezie: Another communication platform, Breezie is popular with older adults and senior living organizations. Options range from communicating via video chat with a health care professional to monitoring sleep quality.
  • GrandCare: This technology suite does everything from alerting a senior when it is time for a medication to easily launching video calls with loved ones. It is a comprehensive solution and one of the products that has been on the market the longest.

Medication Management Tools

Medication mistakes are one of the top reasons older adults find themselves in a hospital emergency department. In fact, seniors are twice as likely to end up in the hospital because of a mistake with their medication as younger adults. Some take too much of one medication and neglect another, while others completely forget to take a dosage.

It’s easy to understand why that happens. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 90% of older adults take at least one prescription medication. And 37% of seniors are struggling to stay on track with five or more daily prescription medications.

Medication management is one of the most utilized services of people who live in a senior community and a leading reason older adults make the move to assisted living.

If you are looking for a technology solution for an older adult who lives at home, MedMinder has a variety of pill dispensers. Features allow for custom solutions, such as unlocking only the section of the pill dispenser needed for a current dosage. Another option that can give an adult child peace of mind is to receive a text alert if a parent misses a dosage.

An interesting idea that is still in its infancy is to use newer home technology for communicating reminders about medication and medical appointments. This could include Google Home or Amazon’s popular Alexa unit. While this idea is still very new, it is one for families to explore.

Transportation Services are Changing

Transportation companies are recognizing the growing need for on-demand transportation services for seniors. Solutions like Lyft, UberAssist, and GoGoGrandparent might help an older adult stay more active and engaged.

Senior Living to Support Independence

If none of these suggestions sounds like the solution you are searching for, consider a move to a senior living community. Transportation, meals, life enrichment, wellness programs, and more are standard features!

We extend an open invitation to you and your family to visit anytime. You’ll see firsthand how our residents live engaged, inspired lives.

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