Sneak Peek: See How Senior Living Residents Spend Their Day

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Sneak Peak

If you’ve been researching senior living communities, you’ve likely already learned what to expect in terms of cost, types of care, and the benefits that come with life in a community like the convenience, an active, social lifestyle, abundant amenities, a focus on wellness, and peace of mind.

Sounds great, right?

We know what you really want to understand before you make your decision, though: what’s daily life truly like here? Hint: It’s more than bingo. From art classes to fitness activities- this is what a typical day is like for our senior living residents.

A Typical Day in Senior Living

While a typical day may differ somewhat depending on the type of senior living in which you reside – independent living, assisted living, or memory care – we strive to create vibrant communities where residents can be themselves, live purposefully, and experience a profound sense of belonging. It all starts by empowering our senior living residents’ independence and giving them the freedom to live life on their own terms.

Wake up in your beautiful private residence. Depending on the community you live at, there might be a patio home, cottage with an attached 2-car garage, a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment, or a studio. You begin getting ready for the day either, independently or with assistance from one of our team members. Then opt for breakfast in the dining room or prepare it yourself at home in your kitchen.

After your meal, you set about planning your day. You look up the time for the next Adapted Tai Chi class that you enjoyed trying last week. You call maintenance to replace that light bulb that went out and fix the loose doorknob. Then make an appointment for the onsite hair salon later in the week. Now it’s time to head out because housekeeping is coming shortly. It will be so nice to come back to a clean home without having to lift a finger!

On your way to the resident garden space to check on your budding plants, you stop to chat with some of your neighbors who’ve become close friends, and one of them reminds you to RSVP to the Happy Hour in the cocktail lounge on Friday.

The stained-glass art class starts at 11 a.m., so you head to the craft room for that. After, you join some friends in your class for lunch at the café. Then it’s off to the library to choose a new bestseller to read as you relax in the courtyard. It’s such a nice day, and the community’s grounds are just lovely.

You’re glad you ate light at lunch because dinner is always an experience here. You love the fresh, locally-grown ingredients used in the meals and can’t wait to see what the chef-created options are tonight. Then it’s off to movie night in the community’s theater where they’re playing one of your favorites.

Once you return home, you look at the calendar for tomorrow and remember you volunteered to help some of the other residents pack boxes for the local food bank. You decide that’s a perfect excuse for some time in the hot tub after, or better yet, an appointment at the on-site spa to relax those tired muscles. Now, off to bed; it’s been quite the day!

What Our Senior Living Residents Have to Say

Of course, it’s our senior living residents who truly know best what life is like in our communities. Here’s what some of them have to say.

“This is a beautiful and wonderful place. Great atmosphere and caring staff members!”
-Carson, resident

“The food is exceptional! Our chef & staff go out of their way to create amazing meals! The staff is so friendly and helpful! This is home now and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for everything you have done to ease our minds during this difficult time.”
-Janet, resident

“I live in one of the patio homes, with a kitchen, a bath and a half, and 2 bedrooms. Every day we have activities, and I like the arts and crafts. They provide transportation to anywhere you want. The staff was very helpful. They have a beauty salon, they have nurses available to help with medication, and the maintenance was excellent.”
-Diane, resident

“The staff is friendly and efficient, and they took care of everything for us. It’s just a nice place for senior living. The food is good. The apartment has a refrigerator, a built-in stove, a dishwasher, and a microwave. It’s got a porch off of the apartment, and they’ve got all kinds of pool tables, and a library, all kinds of stuff in there.”
-Charles, resident

“There is free yard care, free monthly housekeeping, free garbage/recycling, no house upkeep, and repairs are a call away. The staff is friendly and helpful and there are a lot of amenities. At the end of the day, you can rock under your covered porch with a gentle breeze provided by the ceiling fan and sip Mint Juleps while visiting your new friends and neighbors. This is where we were meant to be.”
-Madison, resident

“From the time I turned 50 my dream was to find an active senior community. 15 yrs later I found the perfect place for me. My dream finally became a reality and I am living my best life. The amenities are great. My favorite is once a month house cleaning. The clubhouse is state of the art with all the newest fitness equipment you can imagine. There are art and crafts, Friday happy hour, games, walking club, book club just all kinds of social gatherings. I don’t participate in everything but it’s nice to attend the events that I do like. It’s just a fantastic place to be. And no I wasn’t paid to say all this LOL!!! I am blessed to be here.”
-Maggie, resident

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