Lessons in Keeping Life Vibrant During Challenging Times

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As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, seniors continue to be advised to stay at home. For those in senior living communities like ours, visitor restrictions remain in place. While these measures are to protect your health and/or that of your loved one, we know how hard it can be to maintain such dramatic lifestyle changes over time. But take heart; life can still be vibrant. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned on how to keep it that way.

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Take a Step Back

Our mission at Vitality Living is to create vibrant communities where residents, families and team members can be themselves, live purposefully and experience a profound sense of belonging. When the pandemic began we quickly put precautions in place based on CDC guidelines – before they were even required in many cases. And just as quickly we realized that all these precautions could easily dismantle the environment we’ve worked so hard to create – if we let it. That’s why, as we implement guidelines and recommendations from the local, state and federal government, our Leadership Team also makes sure we never lose sight of what our communities are all about.

Lesson: Remember this is a point in time – a challenging one – but we don’t have to let it completely overtake our lives. It’s okay to step back and remember life is still meant to be enjoyed!

Be Creative

Although we’re focusing on small group engagement (6 people or less) and practicing social distancing, our Vitality communities continue to offer a full range of activities throughout each day. How? Through the creativity of our community teams! They are continually looking for new ways to keep our residents engaged and having fun. Some ideas include:

  • Encouraging independent leisure activities by passing out cards with recommended exercises on them as well as games and puzzles.
  • Window visits between residents and loved ones; we even provide fun conversation topics and encourage games like window Tic Tac Toe and Show & Share.
  • Family parades; a huge hit with residents and associates alike with 100s of families participating with signs of love and support.

Check out our community Facebook feeds here to see other creative ways we’re keeping life vibrant while staying safe!Lesson –Think of new, creative ways you can still take part in your favorite activities. It doesn’t have to look the same or be done exactly the same as it always has to be fun and worthwhile!

Use Technology

One of our biggest assets in keeping life vibrant during COVID-19 has been technology.  We’re making use of tech anywhere and everywhere we can. From virtual field trips and concerts with our residents to daily, community live-streams that update families to making computers and/or devices available to connect residents and families through FaceTime.

We’re also sharing websites, apps and tools we’ve found to help keep our residents connected and engaged with each other organization-wide. You can do the same with your family and friends!

Lesson: There are more tools at your disposal to stay connected with those you love and the world around you than you may realize, and it’s a great opportunity to learn something new!

Have Patience

During this challenging time, we’re all having to learn to be more patient, whether we like it or not. That said, we know how incredibly hard it is on our residents and families as they continue to remain apart. Our hearts break for you. Know that we are closely monitoring the pandemic and will adjust policies as set by state and federal officials. We can’t wait to open our doors to visitors again, as soon as it is safe to do so!

In the meantime, we’re taking it day by day across the Vitality organization and in each community as we try our best to take comfort in the knowledge that this too shall pass.

Lesson: With each day that passes we are one day closer to getting life back to a sense of normalcy again.

We’re still welcoming new residents to our communities – safely! To learn more, contact us to schedule a virtual tour.