A Blue Zones Approach to Successful Aging in Senior Living

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Blue Zones®, regions in the world where people live the longest, may hold the secret to successful aging, but want to know another secret? Senior living communities build on that same approach to help residents live their best lives. Sure, you could take the initiative all on your own to apply Blue Zones’ lifestyle traits, known as the Power 9®, to your everyday life, or better yet, you could simply enjoy reaping the benefits in senior living. Here’s how.

For more information on how we incorporate the Blue Zones’ approach into senior living, check out our Successful Secrets to Aging Guide!

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Putting the Power 9® to Work in Senior Living

Researchers have found that residents in Blue Zones share nine lifestyle traits that help them to live healthier, happier and longer lives. Our Vibrant Living program shows exactly how well the Power 9 can be incorporated into daily life in senior living:

1. Move Naturally – Stay active and avoid being sedentary.

  • Each of our senior living communities has a fitness area and offer fitness classes. What’s more, you’ll have access to experts who can help you create a personalized exercise plan as part of our health and wellbeing services.

2. Purpose – Have a reason to get up and out of bed every day.

  • The lifestyle here builds on the individual preferences of each resident with opportunities that empower your purpose through clubs and classes which offer the familiar along with the unexpected, as well as a range of volunteer opportunities to serve the local area.

3. Downshift – Find a routine that helps you reduce stress.

  • We know one of the biggest stressors for seniors is maintaining their home. To alleviate that stress, we offer conveniences such as home maintenance, housekeeping, laundry and social dining. With that extra time, you can relax in your spacious residence, enjoy nature on our beautiful grounds or even join one of our yoga or tai chi classes.

4. Hara Hachi Bu – Known as the 80% rule to stop eating before you feel full.

  • Menus in our senior living communities are always healthy, well-balanced and in appropriate portions. Plus, they are prepared by a dining staff familiar with your dietary restrictions and nutrition plan; often created in collaboration with a nutritionist or dietician.

5. Plant Slant – Eat a primarily plant-based diet.

  • The dining experience is one of the main benefits in senior living. Our restaurant-style dining rooms feature daily entrees, an a la carte menu, soup of the day, and delicious desserts, giving you ample variety to easily support your dietary preferences.

6. Wine @ 5 – Drink alcohol in moderation regularly and enjoy it with friends and food.

  • Whether it’s a Wine Tasting, a seasonal Cocktail Party, a Sip and Paint, Happy Hour in the pub or simply a drink with friends, you’ll have opportunity to enjoy the health and social benefits of moderate alcohol consumption as well, should you so choose.

7. Belong – Regularly participate in a faith-based community of some kind.

  • Our residents enjoy faith-based services onsite.  Many local places of worship offer transportation for residents.*  We also have a range of common spaces perfect for organizing your own bible studies. Many residents connect spiritually through meditation and time in nature as well.

8. Loved Ones First – Put family first in all decision making.

  • Family is everything and we consider each resident part of ours. That’s why our senior living communities make a point to involve loved ones not only in your care, but also daily life as well, whether it’s visiting, participating in activities, volunteering in the community and/or keeping in touch via FaceTime and Zoom.

9. Connection – Find a circle of friends that share your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

  • That’s easier than ever in senior living! Our communities have monthly calendars filled with opportunities to connect with friends and neighbors who share similar interests from social events, activities, classes, outings and a range of enrichment opportunities.

*At the time of writing our residents are sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, check out our Secrets to Successful Aging Guide, or contact a community near you to arrange a virtual tour!