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Choose a YourLife™ Senior Living community that caters to you.

Looking for independent living, assisted living or memory care? YourLife™ Senior Living invites you to think – and live – outside the box. Don’t settle for the typical senior living community. Don’t change the way you want to live your life. Developed on the experience and expertise the YourLife™ team gained in building, operating and managing successful memory care communities since 2014, YourLife™ Senior Living is unlike any before in the senior living market.

YourLife™ ensures that everyone’s experience is uniquely personal, catering to each resident – shaping supportive care, services, life enrichment and more to each person’s preferences, choices and needs – all in beautifully appointed communities designed for living well.

The result is exceptional senior living – including independent living with support services, assisted living and memory care, appreciated and valued by residents and families alike.

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