Why Now is the Time to Plan What’s Next Using Veterans Aid and Attendance

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For all that COVID-19 has taken this year, the one thing it has given is more time on our hands, especially for seniors who are still being asked to remain at home. Now that you have less obligations, why not use it to your advantage in planning for your future? If you’re a veteran or surviving spouse and you’ve ever considered senior living, now is a great time to look into how the Aid and Attendance benefit can make it more affordable.

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What is Veterans Aid and Attendance?

Veterans Aid and Attendance can help you pay for senior living in independent living or assisted living as well as for home health care, adult day care or skilled nursing. If you receive a VA pension you may be eligible for this additional benefit if you meet at least one of these medical requirements.

Aid and Attendance Makes Senior Living More Affordable

To give you an understanding of how much this Aid and Attendance can impact your budget, the maximum benefit in 2020 for eligible applicants is:

  • Single Veteran – $1,911 monthly
  • Single Veteran with a Dependent Child – $2,266 monthly
  • Married Veteran – $2,266 monthly
  • Married Veteran with Spouse who needs care – $1,500 monthly
  • Surviving Spouse with no Dependents – $1,228 monthly
  • 2 Married Vets –
    • Only 1 Vet – $2,266 monthly
    • Both Vets – $3,032 monthly

This increased buying power can help in two ways:

  1. It opens up more options when it comes to choosing the senior living community that fits your needs and wants best.
  2. It also gives you peace of mind as you’ll be able to stay in the community longer than your budget otherwise may have allowed.

Why Now?

If you’re not ready to make the move to senior living this minute, don’t worry! Applying for Aid and Attendance can be a complex and lengthy process so starting now gives you a head start. Plus, with time available and less distraction, you’ll be able to fully explore your eligibility without pressure to make sure you receive the benefit you deserve.

While the VA may tell you the process can take 12 to 18 months, working with a VA accredited agent can help you reduce that time significantly. They also understand all the rules and regulations as well as the nuances and can help make the process much easier for you.

How to Apply for Aid and Attendance

You can still file a claim and apply for Aid and Attendance benefits during COVID-19. Some regional offices have reopened with limited hours and services, however you can also file a claim online or by mail by sending a completed VA form to the Pension Management Center (PMC) that serves your state.

For more information, check out our Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing!