Moving to a Senior Living Community? Follow These Packing Tips

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Moving to a Senior Living Community? Follow These Packing Tips

They say moving is right up there with divorce and taxes on the list of stressful life events. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be.

With the right kind of planning and a good checklist, preparing for a move to a senior living community may be easier than you think!

The act of downsizing and packing can be freeing if you approach these tasks with the right mindset.

Packing Strategies When You’re Moving to a Senior Living Community

These tips will help you during the packing phase of an upcoming move to senior living.

  1. Start With a Plan- a Floor Plan! Call the senior living community where you’ll be making your new home. Ask if they have a floor plan for you to use as a guide for packing. This will help you decide which furniture and other belongings to bring.

    A floor plan will also help you begin to envision the home you’re going to create — filled with your favorite possessions and furnishings.
  2. Give Yourself Lots of Time If packing were simply the physical act of putting your possessions into boxes, it wouldn’t be so bad. It would be tiring, but it wouldn’t be emotional.

    The emotional toll of packing often stems from having to sift through a lifetime’s worth of possessions. Unless you are moving in the midst of a crisis, give yourself plenty of time for packing so you don’t feel rushed. You are more likely to feel a sense of loss if there’s not enough time to properly sort through everything and make carefully-considered decisions.
  3. Getting Rid of Stuff May be Good for YouMost moves involve some form of downsizing. Since the goal is to feel comfortable in your new home environment — not cluttered — you’ll want to pare down before you move.

    Surprisingly, letting go of some of your belongings can lead to a feeling of liberation and newness. Most of us are guilty of holding on to possessions because we just haven’t taken time to sort through older belongings. Over a lifetime, that can add up to quite an accumulation!

    Understand that it’s not an easy process, but getting rid of stuff can feel good.

    Your goal is to keep furniture, mementos, and household goods that have the best memories attached. Then in your new home, you’ll be surrounded by a carefully curated collection of the items you love most.

    Download and print our handy room-by-room Packing List to simplify your move. It can help ensure you won’t forget a thing!
  4. Organize Your Belongings with Boxes Deciding what to do with your belongings is easier when you know there are only a handful of choices:
    • Keep
    • Sell
    • Donate
    • Give to friends and family
    • Throw away
    • Recycle
    Some people find it best to move through their home one room at a time. It may help to gather large boxes and use a marker to label them according to their final destination: donate, trash, sell etc. That way, there’s structure to the act of sorting through everything.

    Some items may require special consideration, but you’ll develop a feel for it and the process will become easier.

A Smooth Transition to a Beautiful New Home

By scaling back the number treasured items you plan to move with you, you’re on your way to creating a familiar, comfortable environment in your new home.

If you or your family members have more questions about moving to a senior living community, we can help. Our complimentary Guide to Senior Living Options answers the important questions you have about transitioning to a new community. Download the guide for free and get started today!

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