7 Ways Senior Living Differs from the Perceptions

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Author Wayne W. Dyer once said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” We couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to the misperceptions some people have about senior living. While some of these notions are rooted in the past, some are born from society’s views on aging. Still others are from a lack of understanding of the many benefits of senior living communities. Regardless, we’d like to set the record straight on how senior living truly differs from the perceptions.

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  1. You may even have more independence than at home. While the perception is that you’ll lose your independence in senior living, the reality is that communities are now specifically designed to provide just the right amount of support and assistance to help you make the most of retirement. We provide an environment that fosters independence with options for everything from accommodations to supportive services to how you spend your day.
  2. Senior living communities feel more like resorts than hospitals. In the past, senior living had a primarily clinical focus which is why the environment had a more institutional feel, like a hospital. That perception still exists despite the fact that senior living communities like ours are often on sprawling campuses with beautiful landscaping, spacious accommodations, elegant common areas, and resort-like amenities such as pools, fitness centers, restaurant-style dining, housekeeping, salons, concierge services, and transportation. 
  3. You’ll stay active and connected. Many people imagine senior living communities as lonely places with bingo as the only option for something to do. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ll actually be pleasantly surprised by the number of opportunities to learn, grow, enjoy hobbies, socialize, and pursue your fitness goals. In fact, the monthly calendars in our communities are filled with events, activities, classes, clubs, and outings. 
  4. You can make your space your own. Senior living communities want you to feel at home; despite the perception that you can only move in with your clothes and a few personal belongings, you CAN personalize your residence. We encourage you to decorate in your own style and bring personal items as well pictures that are meaningful to you. You can even decorate with your own pieces of furniture. Ask for a floor plan ahead of time, and have fun planning your space!
  5. You can have as much privacy as you want. There was a time when senior living communities had mostly shared accommodations. That’s certainly not the case today! Senior living communities now typically offer a range of private accommodations, from condominiums and apartments to free-standing cottages in some cases; this gives you plenty of privacy to enjoy some quiet time in your own residence, and we offer any number of indoor and outdoor spaces on campus as well.
  6. More people are moving to senior living while perfectly healthy. There’s no requirement that you have to be sick – or in need of support with daily activities to move to senior living. As we noted earlier, communities no longer focus on the clinical. We support overall wellness with a lifestyle that’s active, convenient, and maintenance-free, so you have more time to enjoy the things you love with fewer burdens on your shoulders. Plus, you have peace of mind that support is available should your health needs change, as many senior living communities offer multiple levels of care on the same campus.
  7. Senior living can actually be cheaper than staying at home. You read that correctly; senior living is not as unaffordable as the perception may have you believe. Often, it’s just that people aren’t comparing the true cost of living at home with the monthly rent in senior living. To get an accurate comparison, you must include food, utilities, home maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and entertainment beyond just your rent or mortgage at home; this is because those costs are all typically included in the monthly cost of senior living. What’s more, the cost of at-home care and/or modifications to make your home more accessible may be more expensive than you may anticipate! 

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