Comparing Costs: Can You Afford an Active Adult Retirement Community?

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You’re retired and ready to say goodbye to home maintenance, yard work, and the never-ending cooking and cleaning. Not just because of the stress of it all; after all those years of work and responsibility, you’re ready to spend more time doing things that bring you joy instead! We get it! While we know that an active adult retirement community would give you these opportunities and more, the question is: can you afford it? There’s one way to find out. Here’s how you can compare the monthly costs of a community to your current expenses at home. Hint: active adult retirement living may be more within reach than you think.

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The Real Cost Comparison

Most people assume that an active adult retirement community will always cost more than living at home. And if you’re comparing the monthly cost of the community and your monthly mortgage or rent alone, that could be the case. But mortgage or rent is not your only monthly expense at home – you’re leaving out food, utilities, home maintenance, property taxes, and entertainment. It’s crucial to add these into your comparison because they’re already included in the monthly cost of active adult retirement living! This worksheet can help you compare more accurately.

Mortgage or rentN/A
Property tax and insuranceIncluded
Home maintenance and repairsIncluded
Lawn care and yard maintenanceIncluded
Utilities (electricity, gas, water, trash removal, etc.)Included
24-hour securityIncluded
Transportation (insurance, gas, registration, repairs)Included
Social and entertainmentIncluded
Exercise and wellnessIncluded

The Value of an Active Adult Retirement Community

Even if your comparison shows an active adult retirement lifestyle may cost more, the positive impact on your quality of life is a value that often can’t be matched at home. For example, these are just some of the benefits active adult retirement communities offer:

  • A maintenance-free lifestyle filled with amenities – Our communities offer the conveniences of housekeeping, maintenance, meals, and transportation, plus amenities like dining venues that include a bistro, pub and restaurant, concierge services, pool, library, dog park, and walking trails on beautiful grounds.
  • A focus on wellbeing – You’ll find state-of-the-art fitness centers, yoga, and tai chi classes, and even onsite spa and salon experiences to keep you renewed and active. Not to mention a well-balanced diet with chef-created meals using fresh, locally-grown ingredients.
  • Opportunities to stay connected and fulfilled – Our monthly calendars are filled with social activities, outings, classes, and clubs, as well as opportunities to serve, teach or share your experiences with others.

Check out our Active Adult Decision Guide to learn more. Or, contact us today to schedule your virtual tour!