8 Benefits of Keeping Your Body Active as You Age

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benefits of an active body

Keeping your body active is important at any age, but as you get older- it becomes essential to your health. However, over 37% of adults aged 65 and older are inactive, which is defined by the CDC as engaging in no leisure-time physical activity. Here are the benefits of keeping your body active as you age and how Vitality Living’s Vibrant Body program can make it easier.

Benefits of Keeping Your Body Active

It’s never too late to be physically active, and it’s certainly well worth the effort as you age with benefits that include:

  1. Increased life expectancy – Regular physical activity does so by, not only reducing the risk of things like heart disease but also slowing the aging process at a cellular level.
  2. Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes – If you already have the disease, keeping your body active can still help you better control it because the amount of glucose in your blood is reduced by exercise. Plus, it also helps slow more severe symptoms of the disease like nerve pain and kidney disease.
  3. Reduced risk of depression – When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and neurotrophic proteins that not only make you feel good temporarily but also result in the growth of new nerve cells and connections, as well.
  4. Improves bone and musculoskeletal health – Exercise that includes strength and conditioning helps keep your bone density at healthy levels, improves your balance, and gives you more stamina in daily life.
  5. Prevents unhealthy weight gain – There are many health risks linked to obesity- and one of the key ways to avoid unhealthy weight gain altogether is to keep your body active through regular physical activity and exercise.
  6. Better sleep – It’s common to struggle with sleep as you age, but exercise can help, not only by making you more physically tired, but also by providing stress/anxiety relief as well.
  7. Reduced risk of dementia – The Alzheimer’s Society reports a link between physical activity and cognitive performance that suggests keeping your body active, specifically through aerobic exercise, is an effective way to improve cognitive ability and reduce your risk of dementia.
  8. More social connections – Maintaining relationships can be harder as you age, and keeping your body active provides an opportunity to meet new people through classes and at the gym. Not to mention it can help you stay connected to neighbors and friends through walking or running groups.

How Vibrant Body Can Help

Even with all the benefits of keeping your body active, as you can see from the statistic above, many of us don’t do so regularly as we age. There are a number of legitimate reasons why from lack of opportunity to lack of motivation to lack of transportation to mobility challenges, and more. It’s tough- we get it!

That’s why we created Vibrant Body as part of the Vivid Life program in our senior living communities. We’re focused on healthy aging, of which physical activity is a big part. Here, you’ll find amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga, and tai chi classes, a pool, walking trails, gardening opportunities, and even a dog park. And it’s all right outside your door, along with your pick of exercise buddies!

Learn more about Vitality Living’s Vivid Life programs. Or find a Vitality Living community near you today to schedule a tour.