Our Mission

Our mission is to create vibrant communities where residents, families and team members can be themselves, live purposefully and experience a profound sense of belonging. Our vision is to create vibrant communities where RESIDENTS thrive, FAMILIES engage and TEAM MEMBERS are proud to work.


Who We Are

Vitality is a team of seasoned senior living professionals passionate about creating vibrant communities for older adults, regardless of physical or cognitive challenges. Our goals are to eliminate labels that reinforce stereotypes of aging, to empower choice, and to create environments where all residents are successful.

Vitality’s leadership firmly believes that the industry must evolve and change to more capably meet the wants, tastes and demands of the seniors of the future. Every team member is inspired to reimagine the experience of older adults living in a community setting. We challenge every perception, advocate for choice, and reject the status quo.

We also have a commitment to the communities we serve. When you choose a Vitality community, you’re supporting the Gary & Mary West Foundation. Profits from Vitality communities go to support the foundation, which partners with nonprofit community organizations to provide high-quality services to low-income older adults, thus helping them remain independent and healthy as long as possible.

Meet the Team

Our leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share a commitment to offering the best communities for every stage of life’s journey.

Chris Guay

Chris Guay, Founder & President

Chris' experience in the senior living industry has always focused on creating value and quality service for residents, their families, associates and stakeholders. He has successfully managed start-ups, turnarounds, acquisitions, and new product development. With an eye always focused on people, Chris maintain a strong commitment to cultivating talent within the industry, ensuring increased organizational capability through engaged, passionate and skilled teams.

My inspiration comes from my family and their passion to live life to the fullest. I was blessed with grandparents that all played a major role in my life. From as long as I can remember these wonderful human beings instilled a passion in me to live life to the fullest. From a grandfather who learned how to Ski in his 50’s to a grandmother who had Dune Buggy in her 70’s I grew up seeing that life was not limited by age. This inspired me to build Vitality and create life, energy and purpose for older adults for decades to come. It is my passion to help everyone regardless of age and circumstance experience life every day they can!

Anne Ellett

Anne Ellett, Health & Wellbeing

As Sr. VP of Health and Wellbeing, Anne is able to bring all of her experience and knowledge as a Nurse Practitioner to support residents at Vitality Senior Living to age well. Anne has a deep understanding of what is needed for successful aging and her commitment is for residents at Vitality to not only receive good clinical support, but also to have choices and resources that can enable them to lead a healthy and graceful lifestyle.

My first job was in the nursing home down the street from my house, working in the kitchen and helping to get the residents into bed. It was a dreary place without any dignity or choice. Throughout my nursing career, I have gained inspiration from the many older adults that I have cared for, learning about what makes a life well lived. I love to travel and always makes a point of visiting homes caring for older adults in other countries, gaining understanding that aging well is much more than being free of illness. When not at work with Vitality or not traveling, I restore my energy by spending time in my garden.

Kelly Lindstrom

Kelly Lindstrom, Engagement & Innovation

As VP of Engagement & Innovation, Kelly is responsible for creating a lifestyle of choice, engagement and growth for residents, families and associates. Kelly’s focus is staying ahead of trends and research, and sourcing innovative approaches to make the lives of residents better, allow associates to do what is most important, spend more time with residents, and connect families to the Vitality community.

My inspiration is every older adult I have met throughout my career who has shared their story, asked about my story and shown me that aging is a dignified, beautiful journey to be celebrated and lived fully. My inspiration is every team members who devote hours, days, years of their lives to enriching the lives of families and older adults as they navigate everything from dementia to grief to finding new purpose in their journey.

Elliott Westerman

Elliott Westerman, Acquisitions

Elliott’s background in real estate, finance, economics and asset management make him a veritable “Swiss Army Knife” for Vitality.   His work and education experience add a broad interdisciplinary perspective crossing the boundaries of large publicly traded companies to governmental economic development agencies.   Elliott has a heart for service and he volunteered by serving on charitable boards. The senior housing industry is a place where Elliott has found a means to utilize his background while serving seniors in the process.   It is truly the perfect blend of mission and career, bringing purpose to every decision.

My inspiration comes from grandmother.  She was the glue that kept her seven children and nearly 30 grandchildren together.    The lessons that I learned from her are too many to count.  While I remember her for her love, she was a tough little lady.  She was determined and strong.  She learned how to drive a car in her 50’s and her unpolished driving style kept us all on the edge of our seats.  Until dementia robbed her of her abilities, she capably managed the day to day responsibilities of the 300+ acre farm.  Unassuming, reserved, shy and consistently embarrassed by attention, the focus of her year was the annual Christmas party she hosted.  The nearly 100 guests put aside their differences and demonstrated that family and the bond of love can overcome any obstacle. 

Debbie Howard

Debbie Howard, Sales & Marketing

For over 20 years, Debbie has been developing resources to help guide families through the maze of senior housing and care options. Her commitment to personalizing interactions with older adults, their family and professionals encourages Vitality teams to focus on building relationships throughout the journey - from awareness to decision.
My mother is dedicated to family, church, volunteer opportunities and living each day to the fullest. She is fluent in French, is a master gardener, grows vegetables to donate to the local soup kitchen and food bank, sews dresses and pants to children in Haiti and for a program called Days For Girls that empowers girls in underprivileged countries and she embraces technology to remain "relevant". She exemplifies that it is possible to experience Life, Energy & Purpose at any age.

Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez, People & Culture

With over 15 years of human resources experience, Jessica has held positions in hospitality, manufacturing and senior living.  Prior to joining Vitality, she was the HR leader for WESTLiving, where she was partnered with executive leadership to develop programs to support the company from start-up to operating multiple communities.

I am inspired by being part of a team that is dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults and celebrating their experiences and life story. My connection to older adults stems from my relationship with my grandmother. Many of my favorite childhood memories involve her. I enjoyed hearing her life experiences and learning from her. Her willingness to be of service made her a valued neighbor and friend. She taught me that every stage of life brings new opportunities.

Rachel Wandler

Rachel Wandler, Accounting

David McBride

David McBride, CIO

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