Be Engaged

Stimulating your mind and rejuvenating your spirit are equally as important as keeping your body healthy. Each day, you'll find new opportunities and ways to engage your brain, whether it's having a conversation, reading a book, or attending a seminar.

Of course, keeping your body in tip-top shape is important, too. You have access to professionals who can help you create personalized exercise routines and nutrition plans. Creating fitness goals and developing healthy habits are an integral part of our healthcare services.


Be Fulfilled

Everyone finds fulfillment in different ways. Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to continue what you're passionate about, as well as find new activities that provide you gratification.

Live Your Vitality

  • Explore and learn at Experience U
  • Express your creativity via art and music
  • Participate in cognitive health programs
  • Find all-ages fun in the game rooms and theaters
  • Explore nature through walking paths, conservation space, and a meditation pond

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Leaving a Legacy: Capturing Family History for Future Generations

As we grow older, most adults begin to reflect on what their lives have stood for and what history and legacy they will leave behind. For all of us, there is an innate desire to feel as if we have made a difference in the world. For older adults, feeling confident that younger generations are aware of their heritage is also important.

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Study: An Active Senior Lifestyle Adds 5 Years to Your Life

For the most part, when it comes to health basics, we know what is bad for us, and we know the implications. But do we know what’s good for us?

Most of us have seen the Surgeon General’s warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes. Older adults have been around long enough to know that smoking, heavy drinking, and overindulging in the wrong foods take a toll on one’s health.

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Thank You for Being a Friend: The Real Benefit of Senior Living Communities

In elementary school, making a new friend was as simple as sharing a snack at lunch or a ball on the playground. By high school, the politics of friendship—, requiring shared interests, the right attitude, and probably the right clothes—become decidedly more challenging. Even though it might be tough to fit in during adolescence, at least you’re surrounded by potential friends. In adulthood, making new friends may feel downright impossible. Fortunately, senior living communities can help.

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