Be Engaged

Stimulating your mind and rejuvenating your spirit are equally as important as keeping your body healthy. Each day, you'll find new opportunities and ways to engage your brain, whether it's having a conversation, reading a book, or attending a seminar.

Of course, keeping your body in tip-top shape is important, too. You have access to professionals who can help you create personalized exercise routines and nutrition plans. Creating fitness goals and developing healthy habits are an integral part of our healthcare services.


Be Fulfilled

Everyone finds fulfillment in different ways. Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to continue what you're passionate about, as well as find new activities that provide you gratification.

Live Your Vitality

  • Explore and learn at Experience U
  • Express your creativity via art and music
  • Participate in cognitive health programs
  • Find all-ages fun in the game rooms and theaters
  • Explore nature through walking paths, conservation space, and a meditation pond

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How to Avoid Sibling Feuds While Caregiving

Working with your siblings to care for an aging parent can be rewarding, challenging, and every emotion in between. For some families, this is a time to reminisce and reconnect. It gives everyone an opportunity to remember the old days in a positive way. Unfortunately, caregiving doesn’t go so smoothly for every family. Sibling feuds are a fairly frequent occurrence when a senior loved one needs more assistance.

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What to Look for When You Tour an Assisted Living Community

There are many factors to consider when determining which senior living community is the best fit for a loved one. That means the process can take a little more time than many seniors and their families anticipate.

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Navigating the Maze of Senior Living Options for a Loved One

January is a month when senior care organizations typically receive record numbers of phone calls and questions from worried adult children. In many cases, it’s because they spent time visiting an elder during the holidays and they realize their senior loved one needs a little extra help.

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