Be Energized

Energy comes from more than just exercise. Our communities provide the services and spaces you need to feel your best every day. Beyond traditional healthcare and fitness offerings, you'll discover new ways to strengthen your body and rejuvenate your mind.

Whether it’s working up a sweat or going for a walk, you have innumerable ways ways to keep your active lifestyle. However, we also believe that an invigorated life also comes from stimulating conversations and social engagement. You’ll find opportunities each day to energize your mind, body, and spirit.

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Be Nourished

You wouldn't want to eat every meal in the same restaurant, would you?

We offer multiple venues, diverse menus, and all-day culinary experiences. Dine when you want, where you want! Meet friends for coffee and conversation in the morning, have lunch in the bistro, enjoy cocktails in the pub, and take dinner in the restaurant-the choice is yours! Fresh, locally grown ingredients are at the core of each chef-created meal, so you'll always have a meal that fills you with fuel for your lifestyle.

Live Your Vitality

  • Feel your best with health and well-being services
  • Find your strength in a state-of-the-art fitness and yoga studios
  • Look as good as you feel with an onsite spa and salon experience
  • Start your day off right with yoga and tai chi classes

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Blue Zones, Senior Friendships, and the Importance of the Tribe

Friends can make life more meaningful at any age. Having a close circle of friends impacts your well-being in ways you might not be aware of—especially as you grow older. From influencing health choices to lending a sympathetic ear during difficult times, senior friendships play a role in determining how long and how well we live.

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Fall Prevention Tips Family Caregivers Need to Know

The statistics on falls among seniors are startling: one in three older adults experiences a fall every year. Falls are the leading cause of injuries, both fatal and non-fatal, among seniors. Once an older adult experiences a fall, they are two to three times more likely to fall again. For the senior and their loved ones, the dangers associated with falling are downright frightening.

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Is Senior Care Tax Deductible?

A question we hear repeatedly from families during tax season is whether or not senior care expenses qualify for a tax deduction. Sometimes the senior pays the entire cost of care on their own, and other times adult children pitch in to help. While we aren’t tax advisors, we did want to take time to share a few resources that might help you find the answers you need.

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