Service & Amenities

Housekeeping, transportation, engagements: Those are services and amenities that you can expect almost anywhere. What makes Vitality special is the unexpected.

Enjoy all the perks of being home—your independence, routines, relationships—with the added benefits of safety, security, and socialization. Here, you’re in control. Our team of professionals is here to support you with home maintenance, personal care, and medication management as needed so you can continue to live your best life.

Vital Body

  • Explore and learn at Experience U
  • Express your creativity via art and music studios
  • Feel your best with health and well-being services
  • Look as good as you feel with an onsite spa and salon experience
  • Find all-ages fun in the game rooms and theaters

Daily Life

On any given day, you’ll find residents chatting it up in the gardens, taking trips to local cultural centers, or learning a new language.

It’s your home, so how you spend your days is up to you. We’ve got plenty of new ideas if you need them, though. Life here is an ongoing partnership between family, residents, and our community team, thus ensuring you have everything you need to pursue creativity, celebrate experiences, and advance your independence. Additionally, we integrate technology into our communities to provide residents with the best healthcare, security, and communication.

Engagements & Events

You’re used to a vibrant lifestyle, so why should that change? Continue pursuing your interests and favorite hobbies while discovering new ones. You have access to a range of opportunities within the community and beyond.

Joining an intellectual discussion on a book you read, developing a cardio and strength training regimen, picking up a paintbrush: Your biggest decision is choosing what to do first.

Culinary Experience

You wouldn’t want to eat every meal in the same restaurant, would you?

We offer multiple venues, diverse menus, and all-day culinary experiences. Dine when you want, where you want! Meet friends for coffee and conversation in the morning, have lunch in the bistro, enjoy cocktails in the pub, and take dinner in the restaurant—the choice is yours! Fresh, locally grown ingredients are at the core of each chef-created meal, so you’ll always have a meal that fills you with fuel for your lifestyle.


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